Yes, I want to help feed hungry seniors here in Marin!

I know that every dollar I donate will help get food to one individual every week for a month.

Thanks to some new one-time donors and our regular monthly donors, we have raised almost $1700 towards our $20,000 fiscal year goal (7/1/2020-6/30/2021).

And an anonymous donor just came forward with an offer to match the next $2000. The deadline is October 31st. Please SCROLL DOWN to donate now to help us get these matching funds.

OR consider a monthly donation that can stretch your contribution out over time. 

You can now make a secure donation (one-time or monthly) directly from your checking account or even PayPal (in addition to your credit/debit card).

Our biggest expense is keeping our van on the road, including two sets of tires a year ($1600), $700 a month for gas, about $500 a month for brake jobs and other repairs. Feel free to designate your donation to any of those expenses.

Respecting Our Elders is an all-volunteer nonprofit that has been operating since July 2005, feeding people in need all over Marin County. 

Here are just a few of this year’s donors and their comments:

Send a check to
Respecting Our Elders, Inc.,
PO Box 244, Novato, CA

Thank you!