Yes, I want to help feed hungry seniors here in Marin!

I know that every dollar counts, since this is an all-volunteer non-profit.

Ruth Schwartz and Curt Kinkead at Novato Rotary
Ruth Schwartz and Curt Kinkead,
Co-Founders of Respecting Our Elders

Please help us reach our $22,000 fiscal year goal by June 30, 2022. With our current monthly donors, we just need $15,600 by the end of next June. Please SCROLL DOWN to donate now.

OR consider a monthly donation that can stretch your contribution out over the year. 

You can now make a secure donation (onetime or monthly) directly from your checking account or even Apple Pay, Google Pay or PayPal (besides your credit/debit card). You can even donate via Venmo. Just click on the PayPal icon when you get to the payment screen.

Our biggest expense is keeping our van on the road, including two sets of tires a year ($1600), $1000 a month for gas, about $500 a month for brake jobs and other repairs. Feel free to designate your donation to any of those expenses.

Respecting Our Elders is an all-volunteer nonprofit that has been operating since July 2005, feeding people in need all over Marin County. 

Below are just a few recent donors and their comments:

Send a check to
Respecting Our Elders, Inc.,
PO Box 244, Novato, CA

Thank you!