Here’s a selection of comments we have
received from our recipients:

The food you have delivered to West Marin Senior Housing for low-income seniors has been so helpful in cutting down food bills for myself and many others out here. Personally, the bread, fruit, vegetables and salads, and chicken and fish have allowed me to spend less on food and focus on paying rent, health insurance and medical bills, all the costs of maintaining and running a car—all from basically a monthly social security check of $919—not easy to do in these times. What I also help do is spread around what is leftover after our seniors have taken what they need.” —Gail G., Pt. Reyes

I cannot tell you how much this helped me as far as my food budget. As you are probably aware, we have not had a social security increase in two years, our rent continues to increase every year and gasoline and other expenses also continue to go up. I am not a wealthy “Marinite” and every little bit helps. This little bit from ROE went a long, long way for me.” —Chris S., San Rafael

“Having a daughter with epilepsy and her two kids (who have developmental problems) along with my son (who was just laid off) all living with us, it seems that money doesn’t stretch very far. We are so grateful for the food we get from Respecting Our Elders.” — Susan, San Rafael

“Ruth, I just wanted to let you know that we appreciate all the things you do. My mother so appreciated having something to look forward to every time, and the feeling of her being useful and independent is priceless.” — Resident of Traditions housing development, Hamilton Field, Novato

“Ruth, I want to thank you for all your kindness and generosity you showed us all in your distributing food here at our senior mobile home park. It truly is a shame that there is so much waste and yet so many starving worldwide. I do think it’s great for those like you who are volunteering your time and energy in making a difference in people’s lives. —Elsie V., Novato

And a special note we received a long time ago and still treasure:
This note speaks for itself. This is why we do what we do.