Yes, I want to help feed hungry seniors here in Marin every month!
I know that every dollar I donate will help get food to one individual every week for a month.

I know that Respecting Our Elders is a grassroots, local, all-volunteer organization with very minimal administrative expenses (less than $50 a month). I am pleased to provide funds to keep your awesome mini-van on the road so that Curt Kinkead, your Co-Founder and Lead Volunteer, can handle the 28 loads of food he picks up and delivers every week.

I am happy to join the Respecting Our Elders Financial Family to provide ongoing support to help take care of Respecting Our Elders program participants and also enable them to take care of people in their lives. It is all about community and giving to others.

NOTE: If you would like to make a one-time donation in addition to or instead of joining our Financial Family, please go to this page. In either case, you can now make a secure donation directly from your checking account or even PayPal (in addition to your credit/debit card).


OR –
Send a check to
Respecting Our Elders, Inc.,
PO Box 244, Novato, CA


Thank you!

You can also support us through the Amazon Smile Program.