Most of our volunteers are in need of extra food themselves. They range from individuals who are retired seniors living on Social Security (or trying to), entrepreneurs dealing with a cash crunch, event bartenders, nannies or copy editors. They could also be unemployed and trying to support their family.

Basically, we are all in this together, working together to pick up and deliver food 45 times every week.

Also, all volunteers have the opportunity to get food for themselves, with the majority of the food going on to the designated recipient locations.

Some volunteers use their own vehicles to pick up and deliver food once or several times a week. Some are part of a pickup team and help sort the food out, dividing a load among the sometimes several destinations for that particular pick up.

Right now, we are looking for some folks with larger vehicles to help with a couple of pickups and deliveries during the week.  If you are interested in helping out, please send an email that includes your contact information and what kind of car you drive to:
Ruth Schwartz
President/Board Chair

We also have occasional need for the following:

  • Mailing list data input
  • Website updates
  • Tax return consultation
  • Event booth staffing
  • Phone calls
  • Special Events staffing