Fair Market Value Donation for Your Vehicle

Donate Your Car or Van and Get the Maximum Tax Deduction

You can give your vehicle to any charity and deduct what they get from selling it (usually $350-500) from your taxable income for tax purposes.

However, if you want to get the maximum deduction, you must donate it to a charity like all-volunteer Respecting Our Elders, that will, per IRS Publication 526, “give the vehicle . . . to a needy individual to further the organization’s charitable purpose.” In the case of Respecting Our Elders, the volunteer who receives your vehicle will actively participate in collecting and distributing over $4 million worth of donated food to Marin’s needy each year.

Respecting Our Elders is an established 501c3 nonprofit that has been in existence for over six years.

We are primarily looking for mini-vans in good condition, with under 75,000 miles. These vans, and other vehicles that are donated, will be used by our volunteers to pick up donated food at Marin food markets, taking it directly to the people at senior complexes and open food days all over the County.

Because we would put your vehicle into use for our programs, you may be able to take a tax deduction of full, fair market value (private party blue book).

To discuss a possible donation, please contact:

Ruth Schwartz
President/Board Chair
(415) 935-6132