On September 12th, at the lovely home of our friends, Amorah and Max, we launched our Fall Challenge, asking our existing Financial Family monthly donors to find someone in their circles to match their current donation, and for new donors, from any source, to step up and join our Financial Family.

We made significant progress toward our goal of $1500/month from Financial Family donors at that event, and we are now at $930/month!

We also want to raise $10,000 in one-time donations, and we are now at $3390!
Just go here to contribute online, or call Ruth Schwartz, President/Board Chair at 415-935-6132.

Lastly, we are looking for two donated mini-vans, ideally recent model Honda Odysseys, with mileage below 50,000 and in good condition. Our current van, donated to us by Birkenstock two years ago, is on its last legs, and we also now need a second van as a backup and to help handle more pickups and deliveries.

Whatever you can do is most appreciated!