13 Mar

The world is finally catching up to what we knew all along about food waste

bagsInvanThanks to our friend, Susan L. Miller, I just head about this study and report on how the US can solve its multibillion food waste problem. 

As you probably know, Respecting Our Elders has made a big dent in the food waste problem here in Marin by picking up and directly distributing perfectly good and edible food that stores like Whole Foods and Safeway donate to us every day of the week.

Donations to food rescue organizations like ours is only one aspect that is covered in this report and more education across the country is needed. Do keep an eye out for our book showing other communities how to set up and run an all-volunteer food rescue organization like ours with minimal capital and time.


25 Nov

We really need your help right now

2011KiaSedonaIf there was ever a time to support our beloved Respecting Our Elders food program, this is it.

Our van is down and we are raising funds to cover the cost of a new (used) engine, installing the engine and getting the van on the road as quickly as possible. We also need funds to cover the UHaul van we are renting and to continue essential operations.

This is a special and urgent request for your immediate action and support.

As you may know, the 2011 Kia van is used seven days a week to distribute food to the severely underserved low-income elderly and others in Marin County. After two years and 160,000 miles, the engine gave way.

To get the van going again, we need to raise $5000 over and above our usual expenses. This will cover the cost of a (used) engine, other miscellaneous parts and labor.

You may be one of the approximately 1500 recipients or chances are you know someone who depends on the food from Respecting Our Elders to make ends meet each week.

If ROE means something to you, then please make a 100% tax-deductible donation today http://bit.ly/roe-van-fund. And, because of the unexpected situation, we’re asking you to make a one-time donation now even greater than you might normally make.

As the fates would have it, Thanksgiving is this week, officially opening up the Season of Giving. All of us who are so thankful for Respecting Our Elders have an opportunity to make it a way better Thanksgiving for this all-volunteer organization.

TWO actions you can take NOW to support Respecting Our Elders:

1. Make a generous donation now. CLICK HERE: donatenow




2. Join the fundraising campaign and raise money from people in your life. (Contact Debra Price Van Cleave, Respecting Our Elders board member.)

On behalf of myself and my husband, Curt Kinkead and the rest of the Board of Respecting Our Elders, I thank you in advance for your generous understanding and support at this urgent time.

Warmest wishes to you and yours for a joyful holiday season.



13 Nov

It is such a pleasure to bring food to Bolinas

Bolinas Food Share

When Curt and I arrived in Bolinas one day to give away a vanload of food to the people there, we were delighted to get this cartoon strip that StuArt, a very talented artist, did about the program we do with the folks out there. It really tells the story of how this particular food giveaway goes, and how people get together to share this bounty provided by Whole Foods, Paradise Foods and Star Route Farms, which is based in Bolinas.


16 Oct

Filling People Up

One of our guiding principles is to fill up our volunteers, who are selected from our recipients, so that they can in turn, take are of others.

I had a great conversation with one of our newer volunteers who has taken on one of our late night pickups at Whole Foods Novato and created her very own mini food program, taking care of her neighbors and others she knows re in need, including three families referred to her by a social worker.

This volunteer commented the other day about how we have given her a new purpose in life, and how gratifying it is to be able to take care of others in such a generous way, even though she is on a limited income herself.

Did my heart good to listen to her effusive comments, and confirmed all over again why we do what we do here at Respecting Our Elders.

30 Nov

For those of you who would like to see a program like Respecting Our Elders in your community . . .

We are putting the finishing touches on a handbook that will walk you through, step by step, to do exactly that. We are also planning on setting up a message board for those folks who have questions after they read the handbook. The book will be available on Amazon as a print publication, as well as in a Kindle edition. We hope to have both editions available no later than the middle of December.

We have been looking all over the country for a program such as ours, that has minimal overhead and gets food from the donor stores to the recipients within a half hour of pickup. Many people have asked us to help them set up a program in their area. This handbook is the first step in doing that, and a separate website with a message board will be the second.

If you want to make sure you are notified as soon as the book comes out, please sign up on our mailing list, and select the third box on the list. You can select any of the others as well, depending on your interests.

Curt and I are excited to be moving in this direction. BTW, 10 percent of every book or Kindle edition sale will go directly to Respecting Our Elders.

30 Nov

We are honored to be featured in the December 12th issue of Woman’s World magazine.

You can find this fun, positive-oriented publication at your supermarket by the checkout counters, any time between tomorrow, December 1st and December 7th. I understand that Paula Deen is featured on the cover. If you want to know more about how this article came about, go to this October blog entry. Please pass this on to anyone you know who is interested in the kind of food program we do, delivering directly to lower income seniors from stores donating food instead of throwing it out.

Also, if you want to keep up with what we are up to, please sign up for our mailing list (top of right sidebar). Thanks!

04 Oct

Just got interviewed by a national magazine!

Woman’s World, a weekly magazine sold primarily in supermarkets, with over one million readers in the U.S. and Canada, is doing a story about Curt and I and Respecting Our Elders. The article will be in the December 12th issue, which will be on the stands December 1st. They heard about us because they saw the article that was published on dailygood.org recently. Very exciting!

27 Mar

Palace Market in Pt. Reyes now a food donor

We are very excited to announce that Palace Market in Pt. Reyes Station has agreed to donate their “spoils” to Respecting Our Elders. This daily donation will help us take care of the seniors at Walnut Place in Pt. Reyes, as well as provide additional food for the West Marin Resources Center, helping them serve the local residents who come to them for help.

18 Sep

Help us reach our goals this year!

On September 12th, at the lovely home of our friends, Amorah and Max, we launched our Fall Challenge, asking our existing Financial Family monthly donors to find someone in their circles to match their current donation, and for new donors, from any source, to step up and join our Financial Family.

We made significant progress toward our goal of $1500/month from Financial Family donors at that event, and we are now at $930/month!

We also want to raise $10,000 in one-time donations, and we are now at $3390!
Just go here to contribute online, or call Ruth Schwartz, President/Board Chair at 415-935-6132.

Lastly, we are looking for two donated mini-vans, ideally recent model Honda Odysseys, with mileage below 50,000 and in good condition. Our current van, donated to us by Birkenstock two years ago, is on its last legs, and we also now need a second van as a backup and to help handle more pickups and deliveries.

Whatever you can do is most appreciated!

27 May

We could not do what we do without all the food that is donated to us

Lying awake last night from all of the excitement around the Jefferson Award story on KPIX/Channel 5 and KCBS 740 radio, I was thinking about the wonderful markets that have set up systems in their stores to make sure that the food that is close to date, too ripe or packages that are a little squashed are put in our hands for us to take directly to so many people throughout Marin County.

Without the stores who donate food to us every day, we would clearly not be able to do what we do.

This is also a call to those stores who are still throwing food away. Let us help you reduce your dumpster bill and get that food directly out to people who can use it. We hear from more and more apartment complexes and individuals who could really use your food. Let’s have this be a win/win all the way around.