We are putting the finishing touches on a handbook that will walk you through, step by step, to do exactly that. We are also planning on setting up a message board for those folks who have questions after they read the handbook. The book will be available on Amazon as a print publication, as well as in a Kindle edition. We hope to have both editions available no later than the middle of December.

We have been looking all over the country for a program such as ours, that has minimal overhead and gets food from the donor stores to the recipients within a half hour of pickup. Many people have asked us to help them set up a program in their area. This handbook is the first step in doing that, and a separate website with a message board will be the second.

If you want to make sure you are notified as soon as the book comes out, please sign up on our mailing list, and select the third box on the list. You can select any of the others as well, depending on your interests.

Curt and I are excited to be moving in this direction. BTW, 10 percent of every book or Kindle edition sale will go directly to Respecting Our Elders.